Work in Progress


Artist’s Statement

Starts with the struggles and discipline of image making with only a gesture or mark to make on a blank space. From there the parallel space of the world around me invariably offers clues to a cryptic puzzle, that has insistently cornered my mind’s eye. I may or may not find visual clues vindicating initial ideas. And there is always the underlying question “Is this image–this work doing its work?”

Work in progress is also a never ending practice; that is, of practising circling the line between visual mannerisms and signature elements. I feel I’ve been working solo in progress since literally age 3 by virtue of landing in the space of a very long, wild back garden to play in. A garden that provided amazing materials of twig, grass, water and stone. A space that allowed Process. Work in progress has to include play, and the freedom of no investment. One has a choice of paint/tableaux/print making/frottage/collage.

That is the joy of working in progress, with the faith that form follows function and form and content are inseparable. This transports and transposes if and when it ever reaches a final form. As sole practitioner I have to scrutinize for myself first and finish open ended before I feel comfortable contributing to our galaxy of visual environments.