Dream Dead Press


Since 1994 Marion Llewellyn and poet and editor Sharon Thesen have shared a love of word and image. Dream Dead Press continues to explore and publish giclée limited edition prints on archival paper.

Artist’s statement

As an artistic whim and more experiment I’d asked poet Sharon Thesen to write Long Caption Poetry in lieu of Titles for my Solo Targeting Light Sources; a task normally ascribed to the visual artist.

She would have no briefing of my primary and secondary themes. The consequence was a Long Poem that, firstly, demonstrated the symbiotic relationship of poetry and painting as fraternal twins. More importantly, it revealed a surprising symbiosis between the poetry and this particular series; considering both of us were working in the dark.

Or to adopt the Poet’s term:
Propioception: feeling your way through the dark.

The poem, as a work of art with its own text and subtext, drew me to my experiences as a typographic designer to lay out the stanzas in book form. In doing so, I have attempted to exploit the emotive use of typography that stretches the boundaries of concrete poetry, normally ascribed to the poet. Instead, I was waved on by the Bauhaus designers who, knowing the rules intimately, broke them anyway.

In the name of word and image. The couplets can be read as a frieze or without narrative; starting at the beginning, middle or end.


[disentangle] The Nets of Being

Limited Edition Chapter Book 8 inches square
On satin cover stock



Commemorative Broadsheet
By Poet Patrick Friesen
Commissioned by the CBC
Limited edition

Letter Press on Arches

Water Colour Paper cover stock

Linocut with hot metal typesetting and blind embossing


Dream Dead Broadsheet

Limited edition

Letterpress on arches

Watercolour paper cover stock

Linocut with hot metal typesetting and blind embossing